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Company news
Eagle seal as hefei rong time electricity
發布時間:2014-07-09 07:00:17 點擊瀏覽:

In April 26th, Eagle printing tools co Hefei Rongshi electromechanical large-scale promotional orders will be in Hefei Xinzhan port Sheraton Hotel held a grand scene,attracting hundreds of cities and counties from Anhui dealers.



This order will be hosted by Hefei Rongshi electromechanical.



Eagle printing because of outstanding quality has become the only hand tools brandthis order will.



Rongshi electromechanical chairman Wang Dinglai for this order will be delivered a speech.


Yingzhiyin Lin Dongjia of manager of Department of market development and future vision of Introduction Company.


Water drum performance scene exciting encouraged the party atmosphere

Print sales manager Eagle Lin Xiaolin and Rongshi electromechanical chairman forEagle printing Anhui area outstanding dealers issued yingzhiyin transit image car.

This order will be on-site yingzhiyin received strong support and cooperation of the dealers, achieved good results. Yingzhiyin will as in the past focus on quality and service, for the majority of customers continue to create value.

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