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The eagle seal tool at the 17th northeast international ...
發布時間:2014-05-31 07:35:51 點擊瀏覽:

On April 10th to 12, yingzhiyin tool 2014 third station to Liaoning Shenyang, unveiled the seventeenth Northeast International Hardware tool exhibition. China Northeast International Hardware tool exhibition is organized by the northern Business Exhibition Co. Ltd., display products include hardware tools, machinery and equipment, building hardware. Yingzhiyin this is the seventh consecutive exhibition inNortheast, demonstrated a firm determination on the development of the Northeastmarket.

The eagle of the booth packed

Eagle print exhibition products include automotive, hand tools nearly 1000 category

Streams of people busily coming and going in the exhibition hall,the crowd in a continuous line

                Yingzhiyin hardware standardization center to the tools Branch Technical Committee member units identity exhibitors 

                                          Wish yingzhiyin 2014 make still further progress in the Northeast market, further!


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